How To Dump RV Waste At Home

A Comprehensive Guide On How To Dump RV Waste At Home

Want to know how to dump RV waste at home? Read our detailed guide on best practices for dumping RV waste at home safely!

A camping trip can be a great way to refresh the mind and body, and you can spend hours outdoors in nature with friends and family. However, the after-camping tasks can be daunting.

Whether that is packing, unpacking, washing laundry, or cleaning the RV, they can take time and hard work.

One of the trickiest things you need to do after a camping trip is dumping the RV waste when you get back, which can be very difficult if you don’t know how to dump RV waste at home.

RV owners are often faced with this problem because most RVs have no facilities for RV waste disposal. This means that you will have to find an alternative solution to dispose of your RV waste.

Some people may even use their backyard as a dumping ground. 

However, this isn’t safe and could cause various health problems. You should always make sure that you follow all safety rules before disposing of any RV waste.

If you want to learn more about RV waste disposal tips, keep reading this guide on how to dump RV waste at home safely and legally!

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How To Dump RV Waste At Home?

There are many ways to dispose of RV waste. It is legal to dump your RV tanks at home in certain areas, but you need to be careful as there are toxic waste materials that build up.

If you empty it into a storm drain, for example, it could lead to water reservoirs and this could be dangerous. You could also get into trouble for polluting the water.

Find the municipal sewer line to get rid of the contents. Moreover, a residential septic tank can be a great option. The wastage from the septic tank breaks down and then gets made into fertilizer.

Always use an eco-friendly cleaning product, as harsh ones kill the bacteria, making the process trickier.

Here are some ways of safely dumping your RV waste at home:

Use A Bucket

You can empty your RV waste into a bucket and empty it in a nearby toilet to flush the wastage down. When doing this, you should use goggles and thick rubber gloves.

You should also wear an overall to protect yourself from splotches. 

To move better and avoid any spills, don’t fill the bucket to the top, and use something with a lip like this Rubbermaid bucket. Be careful when moving the bucket from the tank, moving slowly and steadily to the toilet, as spilling means more cleaning.

For this method, you need to have a septic tank at home, which should be connected to the toilet so that the dumped waste travels there straight away.

Although this is a cost-effective method, it can get messy easily, so should be one of your last options.

Use A Macerator Pump

Macerator Pump - useful in dumping RV waste at home

Maceration is a very simple process. You simply need a special pump to chop up your waste into a smoothie-type consistency and connect this pump to a hose.

Then you can direct the macerate to your house sewer system or cleanout port. 

There is a big margin of error with some RV owners when doing this though, so make sure you know what you’re doing before trying this method out, and you dump your waste into a cleanout port to avoid any hassle.

Macerating waste before dumping it into the sewer system is a great way to help prevent clogs. The first thing you’ll need is an RV waste macerator.

Next, you’ll need a CDFJ adaptor to connect your pump to your hose, and a hose adapter to connect to your RV. Finally, you’ll need, of course, a hose.

Pour Into The Septic Tank

If your home has a septic system, there should be a metal or PVC cleanout pipe you can find in or around the house. This is built to clean the tank and it is as easy as cleaning sticks out of the ground.

Hook up the hose to the cleanout pipe, using hardware to attach them.

You will then need to connect the other end of the sewer hose to the valve of the waste tank, and the waste will flow from the tank to the sewers.

Park the RV in an elevated place if you can, as this will help to keep the hose facing downwards when it enters the septic tank. You might find the contents do not flow as free if you do not do this. 

Using The Right Products

Caustic chemicals should never be dumped into an RV’s holding tank. If you use them to clean your RV’s toilets, you should not empty your holding tanks into your home’s sewage system.

Caustic chemicals kill off bacteria, which causes clogs in your septic system, backflow into your house, and leakage into the surrounding environment.

Avoid putting chemicals into your septic tank at all costs! You should always use non-hazardous and safe septic tank additives if you plan to dump your tanks into your septic system.

Your RV septic tank additive must be used before dumping your tanks into your sewer system.

Your RV septic tank additive is important not only while dumping your tanks into your sewage system but while RV-ing in general!

Benefits And Risks Of Emptying RV Tanks At Home

Dumping RV waste at home is very convenient because you don’t have to pay fees and you can do it yourself. However, there is a risk of spilling raw sewage if you use the bucket technique. 

Even if you dump into your septic tank, you need to ensure that you connect the outlet hose to the access port properly to avoid raw sewage spilling out the sides.

But, to be fair, you need to ensure you do this whether you dump at a dumping station, or dump at home.

It could also be illegal to dump tanks at home in your area, so ensure you follow local laws to avoid a fine.

Other Ways Of Dumping RV Waste

Take It To A Waste Dumpster

This is probably the easiest option since most RV dumps have a designated area where you can drop off your waste.

Take It To A Sewage Pumping Station

If your RV has septic tanks, then you can take your waste to a sewage pumping station. These stations usually have a special area where you can dispose of RV waste.

Drop It At A Park Or Landfill Site

You can also take your RV waste to a park or landfill site. Most camping parks and landfills will accept RV waste. It’s best to call ahead to confirm this.

How to dump RV Tanks – Have Your RV Serviced By A Professional

Most RV service centers offer a service for emptying RV tanks. They will come to your RV and empty the tank for you.

Final Thoughts On How to Dump RV Waste At Home

We hope this article has answered all your questions on how to dump your RV waste at home.

Whether you are a regular camper or stick to summer vacations, emptying your RV waste is a vital but nasty task. 

We hope by following our guidance, you can empty with ease and keep your RV as clean as can be, so you don’t encounter any nasty spillages or smells when you next step onboard.

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