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Welcome to The Avid Campers, a blog where we share our passion for outdoor traveling. Whether it be camping, hiking, RV’ing, or simply enjoying gorgeous natural destinations, this blog is for you! Here we hope to inspire you to get out and embark on many memorable travel adventures!

Marco from The Avid Campers
Marco from The Avid Campers

Hi – I’m Marco!

As one of the duo that makes up The Avid Campers, I have always had a keen passion for all things travel related. So much so, that I studied and have worked in the travel industry for close to 20 years!

I am also the co-founder of a European based travel blog, Travel-Boo!

Hello – I’m Clint!

Hi, my name’s Clint and I make up the other half of The Avid Campers.

Similar to Marco, I have always shared a deep love for traveling and learning about new destinations, cultures, and experiences. Interior Designer by day, I love nothing more than to get out in nature to enjoy a spot of hiking or camping.

I’ve been lucky to travel to many exciting destinations throughout the world and hope that you too will be inspired through our handy travel guides here on The Avid Campers.

Clint from The Avid Campers
Clint from The Avid Campers

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