How To Easily Find Dumping Stations For RVs Near Me!

How To Easily Find Dumping Stations For RVs Near Me!

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Ever wondered “What are the nearest dumping stations for RVs near me”? Then look no further, in this guide we’ll provide you with some handy tips and resources to find RV dumps close to you, plus tips on how to use them!

The RV lifestyle has been growing ever more popular in recent years. For many it’s a chance to hit the road on a thrilling adventure, exploring not only the great outdoors but also being able to visit cities and towns you may otherwise not have.

Of course, living on the road is as exciting as it may sounds, but, it also comes with some added responsibilities that may seem daunting to newbie RV’ers. One such chore includes the safe disposal of your RV waste…and by waste, we’re not referring to your general thrash!!

In this guide on “How to find dump stations for RVs near me”, we’ll provide you with some useful tips, resources, and guidelines for finding and using dump stations for RVs without all the hassle and worry!

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Best Websites and Apps for Easily Finding RV Dump Stations

Here are 4 awesome websites and apps that you may consider using to locate a dumpsite near you on your next trip!

This website is designed specifically for U.S based travelers. With a good internet connection, you can quickly find a place to dispose of your waste using this website. The site offers a handy map display that allows you to find the nearest dump station based on your current location. Not only that, but it also features Interstate rest stops that feature dump stations. You can also search by State or City. This is an easy-to-use site that will definitely come in handy! offers campers and RV enthusiasts a range of apps that are available for download from the Apple store for IOS users. There are several apps to choose from but the Camp & RV one is the perfect all-round combination that includes RV campground recommendations, RV services, dump stations, truck stops, and more. This is definitely a handy app to have when searching not only for dump stations but also for use when researching other RV-related topics too.

RVShare is another great resource to check out when on the hunt for the nearest RV dumpsite. By searching through their dump station category page you can search by State and then by location to find one close to you. Not only do they provide the address and operating hours, but they also provide estimate rates for use of these dump stations too.


As the name suggests, the above website deals mainly with campground recommendations. Other than that, the site also aids travelers in locating dumping stations. Simply search for “RV dump stations” and find the closest one on the maps provided on Campendium.

Other Useful Tips for Finding an RV Dump Station

RV Dump - © Photo by millermountainman from Getty Images by Canva
RV Dump – © Photo by millermountainman from Getty Images by Canva

The internet is a godsend innovation that has made life so much easier in any and all imaginable ways, and RVs are no exception. But if you’re not online or struggling to access online resources, then the following spots may come in top of find when trying to find RV dump stations:

National Parks Campgrounds

Although not all national parks will offer RV dump sites, a number of them (and also some private parks) do offer draining stations for the sake of their customers and other travelers. It would be best to check ahead of time as some parks restrict the usage to certain periods of time or seasons. 

Gas Stations

It’s not uncommon to find a dump station located at many gas stations or truck stops. Along your route, you may encounter one of these stops offering this service at a charge. Plan your pit-stops and check in to your next gas station along the way to check if they too have dumping stations for RVs on site.

RV Suppliers & Dealers

You may come across various RV supply joints and dealers along your travels and may even need to stop off for parts and other services. Whilst these suppliers may not have an on-site dump station themselves, they will no doubt be quite knowledgeable on all things RV-related and as such be able to point in the right direction to find the closest RV dump station!

RV Parks and Resorts

Many RV resort fees are structured in such a way so as include a fee for dumping services. Meaning, if you are booking into one, you may be able to make use of their dump facilities free of charge. 

Of course, if you aren’t planning to stay over, you may still enquire at the nearest resort or park for the cost of using these facilities for non-campers. 

You may also want to check ahead to ensure the RV park or resort you booked does in fact have these facilities on hand as some parks and resorts may in fact not feature a dump station.

Tips and etiquette for using an RV dump station

Some guidelines should be adhered to when using an RV dump station to ensure your waste disposal is not only clean and safe but also environmentally friendly. 

Key in the emptying process include a black tank that holds solid waste, tissue paper residues, and urine; a grey tank containing some water drawn from sinks and bathrooms; and hose pipes to drain content. Take heed of the following tips and apply them when making use of RV dump stations.

  • It is advisable to drain the black tank first, and then your grey tank. The reason being that the grey water tank will help clean out some waste with the soapy affluent it contains. The grey tank content will also curb any bad odors. Solid waste is swept down the hose pipe by the gushing water run-off collected in the grey tank, thus preventing the debris from clogging in at the bottom.
  • The emptying process may involve accidentally getting in contact with body waste which could be contaminated. Gloves and disinfecting soap are essential tools to use when draining the waste content. Unique drainage clothing covering the body and a pair of gumboots are definitely a good idea. Use a sanitizing liquid to wash your hands after work.
  • As a general rule of thumb, you should empty your black tank every 3 – 5 days or when it is 2/3 full. You are advised not to empty before the 2/3rd level because it will be wasting your buck and savings. On the other hand, it should not exceed the level since the sewerage could end up leaking due to the extra pressure exerted on the tank.
  • Proper hygiene is vital for both the RV and the dumping station. The tanks in the RV have to be washed after draining to avoid odors and spoilage of the containers. It is wise to carry an extra pipe or a water hose to prevent inconveniences if the one at the station is faulty or missing. Nevertheless, the station area should be left clean for the sake of the next client, who may happen to be you in some cases.
  • Note that some stations may offer both a cleaning hose for your waste disposal as well as a watering hose should you wish to fill up on water for refreshment. These are usually clearly marked so you know which hose to use for what.
  • Always check the hose pipe to ascertain that it does not leak and that it is airtight. It is to prevent unnecessary injuries and extra work having to clean up. You have to make sure that the gate valve is closed tightly.
  • Close the windows and any air outlet in your camper when transferring waste into a septic tank to avoid the foul smell from remaining in the RV. The stench from the waste is never pleasing to the nose, especially when it is in bulk.
  • Make sure to take all your belongings and dumping equipment with you when you’re done and don’t leave any items behind at the dump station.
  • Last but not least, ensure the sewer and the hose are sloping to allow complete drainage. The top of the septic tank should be sealed or covered to control spillage of flowing content externally. 

Final Thoughts

Whilst having to deal with waste disposal may not be top of mind when embarking on an adventure-filled RV lifestyle, it certainly is an important part of the experience. Finding a dump station near you needn’t be any hassle if you follow along with the tips and resources we’ve provided you in this guide. 

Keep in mind the useful tips and etiquette when using these dump stations and make sure to always do so in a clean, safe, and environmentally pleasing way to ensure not only your safety but those and the environment around you too!


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