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Welcome to The Avid Campers!

Welcome to our travel blog, The Avid Campers, where your next outdoor, camping, and RV adventure begins!

With a passion for exploring new destinations, we’ve set out to share our travel tips, camping hacks, and favorite outdoor travel destinations.

Hopefully, we’ll inspire you to follow along and experience new and exciting destinations along the way!

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Marco & Clint - The Avid Campers
Marco & Clint – The Avid Campers

Welcome To The Avid Campers!

We’re Marco and Clint, two friends who share a passion for travel and the great outdoors. Through our blog, The Avid Campers, we hope to inspire you to get in touch with nature and embark on new and exciting camping, hiking, and outdoor adventures!

Follow along as we share our top tips and guides on all things camping related!

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