What To Wear On A Hiking Date

What To Wear On A Hiking Date: 13 Awesome Tips!

Are you going on a romantic hike? You may be wondering what to wear on a hiking date! In this post, we provide 13 top tips to ensure you make the most of your hike date! 

Whether you are a hiking enthusiast or not, hiking dates can be loads of fun and a truly unforgettable experience. What’s better than exploring a new love connection in the great outdoors surrounded by stunning natural beauty and scenery!

But, what to wear on a hiking date? The weather outside is beautiful, but you don’t want to look too casual or dress too formally either. How do you strike a balance between looking good and feeling comfortable on a hike? 

There are certain things you should consider before going out on a hike. For example, you should always carry a map and compass. Also, bring extra layers of clothing, especially during colder months.

And lastly, pack plenty of water and snacks, but if you’re on a hiking date, one extra thing to worry about is what you’re going to wear? 

This article takes a look at what to wear for a hiking date and how to impress your date, whilst still being practical in the wilderness. Let’s jump right in.

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Don’t Forget These All Important Hiking Essentials!

  1. A hiking day backpack
  2. Comfy pair of men’s boots, or woman’s hiking boots
  3. Hiking water bottle for hydration
  4. A cozy men’s and woman’s windbreaker for those gusty summits
  5. A set of hiking poles

How To Prepare For A Hiking Date: Things You Should Consider Before Going Out

Before we dive into the outfit choice, there are a few things you should take note of before heading out on the trail with your date.

Choose Your Clothing Style Wisely

The first thing you need to think about when choosing a hiking date outfit is whether you want to be casual or formal.

If you’re planning on wearing something that will make you feel more comfortable, then it’s best to choose casual clothing over formal clothing.

If you want to take your time exploring the outdoors and enjoy nature, then you may want to opt for casual gear. 

But if you want to impress your partner by showing off your style and fashion sense, then you might want to wear something more formal, however, this would not be the most practical choice whilst hiking over mountains or rugged terrain.

The choice between styles of clothing will also largely depend on how far you intend to hike. A short out and back trail that’s mostly flat would of course be completely different when compared to a more arduous hike.

Bring Extra Layers Of Clothes

When hiking through the woods or up to higher peaks, it’s important to have an extra layer of clothing with you. It could get very chilly, so you should bring along a jacket, hat, scarf, gloves, and even a pair of boots, depending on the terrain.

You want to be wearing layers you can easily add or remove throughout the day, that way, if you get too hot, you can always remove a layer and vice versa if you get too cold.

Pack Lots Of Water And Snacks

You should also bring enough water and snacks with you while hiking. Keeping your energy levels up and ensuring you’re sufficiently hydrated is important in any hike. 

So, it’s better to be prepared than sorry. If you’ve got a lot of space left in your backpack, you can also pack some other items like a flashlight, compass, and maps.

Carry A Map & Compass

This brings us to our next tip. You should always carry a map with you while hiking. Not only does it help you navigate back home safely, but it also helps you stay safe in case you get lost.

Plus, carrying a compass means you can measure distances accurately and determine where you are.

Have Fun!

Lastly, remember to have fun! When you’re hiking, there’s nothing more romantic than enjoying your surroundings together. Take lots of photos and enjoy every moment.

A hiking date is a great way to explore the outdoors and experience nature together.

Whether you’re taking a stroll around a park or trekking up a mountain trail, hiking is a great activity to share with someone special.

What To Wear On Hiking Date – Top Tips

What to wear on a hiking date - top tips

Your choice of hiking date outfit should be completely up to you, however, we suggest you keep these tips in mind.

Be Comfortable

If you’re hiking in the heat of summer, then hiking shorts may be a great option to keep you cool and comfortable throughout. 

But, if hiking in shorts, then you shouldn’t go overboard with the number of layers you put on top. Don’t wear anything underneath them that could cause unwanted chafing and irritation.

Additionally, if you’ve got long hair, you should consider getting a headband or bandana to tie it back.

Choose Casual Clothing Over Formal Clothing

If you’re planning what to wear on a hike date, then you should avoid wearing anything too formal. This includes suits, jackets, ties, etc. After all, hiking is a fun, casual activity allowing you both to let your guard down and enjoy the great outdoors without any pretenses. 

However, if you do decide to wear something formal, then you should at least wear a shirt underneath, and check with your date you aren’t hiking too far or check the weather is going to make you sweat through.

Bring Extra Layers

As mentioned earlier, it’s crucial to bring plenty of extra layers with you while hiking. In addition to this, you should also bring a raincoat and waterproof shoes.

Trust us, you might think a raincoat will ruin the whole outfit, but when an unexpected downpour hits, you’ll be more than grateful that you were prepared! 

Don’t Wear 100% Cotton

Cotton is one of the worst fabrics for hiking. The reason why? Because cotton absorbs sweat and moisture, which makes your clothes heavy and uncomfortable. It also takes longer to dry when compared to other quick-dry fabrics. 

Instead, you should try out polyester or nylon materials. They’re much lighter and drier and offer better breathability, meaning they won’t weigh you down.

Avoid Wearing Jeans

Jeans are not ideal for hiking. Why? Well, firstly, they tend to wrinkle easily, so you end up having to iron them before you even leave the house.

Secondly, they’re very hot and sweaty, meaning you’ll want to change into something else once you arrive at your destination or halfway along the trail. Instead, you’ll want to opt for lightweight hiking pants or shorts that will offer you a much more comfortable experience!

Hiking Footwear

You should choose hiking boots over sneakers. Sneakers are fine for casual outings, but hiking requires proper footwear. Boots give you better traction and stability, making it easier to climb steep hills and mountains.

Decent hiking boots also offer you good support around your feet and ankles, meaning you won’t easily injure or sprain yourself. The last thing you’d want on a romantic date hike.

Also, make sure you pack some water-proof socks, as you never know what kind of terrain and weather conditions you’ll encounter.

Wear Sunglasses

When you’re hiking, you need sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun. You can either get ones specifically designed for hiking or simply use regular glasses. Opt for lightweight polarized shades that will block out UV and glare. 

Either way, you should always carry a pair of sunglasses with you. And remember, even on a hike, sunglasses can turn an outfit from a 2 to a 10 so pick ones you feel stylish in.

Pack Light

While hiking, you should always keep things light. You don’t want to have to lug around all those unnecessary items, which means packing only the essentials. So, ditch any bulky items like books, magazines, and other items that are really not necessary.

Of course, on the flip side, don’t under-pack if you are planning a longer and more strenuous hike. Always ensure you keep your safety and comfort in mind at all times and pack appropriately. 

Final Thoughts On What To Wear On A Hiking Date

We hope after reading this article, you now have everything you need to plan a successful hike with your special someone.

Always opt for casual, comfortable clothing, choose the right footwear, and pack enough food and snacks for both of you.

Just remember to follow these tips, have fun, and you’ll no doubt be able to enjoy a great time together making unforgettable memories on your hiking date! 

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