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8 Amazing Joshua Tree Glamping Sites: Glamping In Joshua Tree!

Are you looking for an exciting Joshua Tree glamping adventure? Don’t miss out on these 8 awesome sites for the best glamping in Joshua Tree!

To truly enjoy the stunning natural beauty of Joshua Tree, make it a glamping experience that you will never forget. If you are just looking for your first Joshua Tree glamping experience or finding the right place for your next one then Joshua Tree is a great destination.

Your choices are also as vast as the desert landscape with domes, Airstreams, holiday homes, and bubble-tents to pick from. Each one has its own aesthetic and a range of features to enjoy in true luxury as you glamp it up in style.

You do not have to feel far removed from your homely comforts, even if you do want to get back to nature.

These glamping sites also offer close proximity to Joshua Tree National Park itself meaning you are never too far from an idyllic outdoor adventure. Regardless of whether you are looking to plan a perfect one day Joshua Tree itinerary, or visiting for an extended period, these glamping sites in Joshua Tree will no doubt be the perfect place to overnight!

In this post, we round out 8 amazing Joshua Tree glamping sites that you can book for your next stay! 

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8 Amazing Joshua Tree Glamping Experiences

Joshua Tree Remote Airstream Stargazing

© Image Courtesy of Joshua Tree Remote Airstream Stargazing
© Image Courtesy of Joshua Tree Remote Airstream Stargazing

An Airstream might be the ideal version of glamping you have been looking for as the trailer forms the ultimate combination of outdoor adventure and upscale hospitality.

One such Airstream can be found on a private 30-acre lot around 13 miles from the entrance to Joshua Tree National Park.

This Airstream comes ready for all your hot meals with a fully equipped kitchen. You can also enjoy a queen-sized mattress, toilet, and even a powder room and hot shower.

If you need an extra bed then do not fret as the couch in the living room can provide one when you pull it out.

During those hot summer months, Quietstream climate control provides all the air conditioning you require. It also keeps you warm during winter with adequate heating too so you feel comfortable no matter when you visit.

For the best stargazing, you can find, try the outdoor seating area or even the outdoor bed to sleep under the night sky. This will definitely be an unforgettable adventure, glamping near Joshua Tree!

The Bird’s Nest – Glamping at Joshua Tree

© Image Courtesy of The Bird's Nest - Glamping at Joshua Tree
© Image Courtesy of The Bird’s Nest – Glamping at Joshua Tree

Another repurposed location is The Bird’s Nest though it is mercifully found on the ground. Thankfully, the former bird haven is more than ideal for human habitation who can enjoy supreme seclusion as well as peace and quiet. 

Located 2.6 miles from Joshua Tree Visitor Center, 5.6 miles from The Maze Loop Trail,  and only 0.9 miles from Lower Covington Flat, this is a prime location for easy access to the main sites.

You can also enjoy the garden if you want to enjoy some local nature or the free Wi-Fi if you want to remain closer to the grid. 

The vintage decor provides a comfortable living space with an open floor plan for socializing. However, two bedrooms provide blissful privacy to get away from it all.

Each bedroom comes with its patio, wardrobe, hairdryer, and kitchenette. There are subtle differences as Bedroom 1 has a built-in desk while Bedroom 2 has its bathroom with a tub so decide amongst yourselves who gets which.

The private spaces also have air conditioning which you should expect. A refrigerator and stovetop for all your cooking needs and a kettle for that early brew before you set off to explore. For truly comfortable living, a seating area is included in every room.

Dome In The Desert 

© Image Courtesy of Joshua Tree Dome in the Desert
© Image Courtesy of Joshua Tree Dome in the Desert

For a touch of modern living, choose a dome to truly enjoy the night sky unforgettably. Think of The Dome In The Desert as a Bohemian alternative accommodation that still offers luxury but with a twist.

Intricate and handcrafted objects with natural elements of stone and wood to create a clean, beautifully decorated, and invigorating environment for you to stay in. 

Rustic living is enhanced with a wood-burning stove which is complemented by space heaters as the temperature drops at nighttime, especially during those cold winter evenings.

However, should you decide to go during the summer you can expect air-conditioning to keep you cool in the dome.

This is also an ideal location if you may miss the hustle and bustle of the real world as the community of Joshua Tree is but a short drive away.

You can also find the main strip, a thrift store, and a few cafés, all within a short distance. That is once you get off the dirt road where the dome is situated. 

Joshua Tree Modern Stargazing Bubble-Tent And House

© Image Courtesy of Joshua Tree Modern Stargazing Bubble-Tent And House
© Image Courtesy of Joshua Tree Modern Stargazing Bubble-Tent And House

With the Maze Loop Trail only a short drive away, the Joshua Tree Modern Stargazing Bubble-tent And House is in a great location.

Here you can expect two bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen (which includes a dishwasher), and a dining room for convenient meals.

Feel free to enjoy the hot tub or simply a shower which are ideal after some time spent in the arid landscape. As evening draws in and the sun goes down, the Bubble-tent comes into its own as you can enjoy the night sky and admire all those twinkling stars.

The location is also key as Joshua Tree Visitor Center is only three miles away while Eureka Park and Lower Covington Flat are both 11 miles away.

While you may want to look up to the stars and wonder, having the convenience of such a great location is not to be dismissed.

The Home Sweet Homesteader

© Image Courtesy of The Home Sweet Homesteader
© Image Courtesy of The Home Sweet Homesteader

A living space that feels a world away from Joshua Tree can be found in The Home Sweet Homesteader.

This was once a desert ranch that includes some locally sourced furnishing and others from as far away as Morocco. Wherever they have come from, they sure are comfy. 

This is a spacious home that comes with three bedrooms which can accommodate as many as seven guests. Ideal for a large family trip or a getaway with friends.

The home would not be complete without access to the stunning outdoors. That means a Sun Room to enjoy the fire pit while stargazing or simply to watch the sunrise if you get up early enough.

The Sunset Road House

© Image Courtesy of The Sunset Road House
© Image Courtesy of The Sunset Road House

There are other homesteads available if glamping means that homely environment you are used to. The Sunset Road House is another one to consider which is situated 15 minutes from the west entrance to Joshua Tree National Park.

A freshly restored 1952 homestead cabin, this is a great place to relax and kick back after exploring the vastness that lies outside of its doors.

Expect all those modern conveniences and more including a hot tub for an evening soak under the stars. Though watching the sunrise and sunset from the roomy balcony is recommended too.

The property is a prime location for wide-open desert views and local wildlife so it is well worth exploring.

Glamping Bell Tent At Joshua Tree High Desert Hideout

© Image Courtesy of Glamping Bell Tent At Joshua Tree High Desert Hideout
© Image Courtesy of Glamping Bell Tent At Joshua Tree High Desert Hideout

For a family of four, enjoy a large boho tent with great views of the mountains and wildflowers at the Glamping Bell Tent at Joshua Tree High Desert Hideout. There is even enough room for some yoga at this rustic glamping retreat.

The location is on a 2.5-acre western-style ranch which comes with a vast array of features. Enjoy the movie theater, star observation deck, and outdoor hot showers after a long day exploring.

Downtown Joshua Tree is only 6.8 miles away while the entrance to the National Park is only 13 miles away. You may also be pleased to know that The Integratron, Pioneer Town, and Landers Brew Co are also nearby. 

Vintage Glamper Hideaway

For a family trip with vintage mod-cons in mind and bucket loads of rustic charm, seek out ‘Lucille’, Vintage Glamper Hideaway. Not a person, but a unique 1964 Rolls Royal Glamper. You could also call this a holiday home, complete with three bedrooms and all those modern conveniences.

That includes an indoor toilet and running water, as well as a microwave, fridge, and dishwasher in the kitchen and a flat-screen TV to wind away the evenings. 

Enjoy the outdoor tiki-themed shower after a long day’s hiking and the coffee maker for when you are ready to go again. When the heat rises outside you can enjoy the air conditioning, or simply fire up the barbecue which comes with a stainless steel Uniflame grill.

You may be surprised at just how roomy the holiday home is. Even more surprised at the free Wi-Fi on offer to get you back on the grid.

A comfortable night’s rest is also available from the comfy cotton bedding. If you want to sleep under the stars then bring a tent as camping is permitted in the getaway’s private secluded area.

‘Lucille’ can be found on the Downtown South side of Joshua Tree, with the visitor center less than a mile away. While you may want to stay in the holiday home, you are only minutes away from the national park entrance.

This is also a prime location for exploring the artist community that is Joshua Tree, including its many restaurants.

Final Thoughts – Joshua Tree Glamping

There are several awesome Joshua Tree glamping options to choose from with easy access to the national park, which is the area’s star attraction. While you may prefer the more pleasant surroundings of a homestead, a tent can also provide some unforgettable memories.

For more extravagant living spaces you could decide on a dome or bubble tent to get an accessible view of the night sky. Alternatively, an Airstream could provide the upscale hospitality you truly desire. 

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