6 Amazing Grand Canyon Glamping Experiences: Glamping In The Grand Canyon!

6 Amazing Grand Canyon Glamping Sites: Glamping In The Grand Canyon!

Do you want an unforgettable camping experience in the Grand Canyon? Consider one of these 6 best Grand Canyon glamping sites for a memorable stay!

Few natural sites on planet Earth are as memorable to see as the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Should you want to give it an almighty tick off your bucket list, you might as well do it with some style. If so, then glamping might be the perfect choice for you.

Glamping is a combination of camping and luxury living. This means that you get to enjoy many of the comforts of home without having to worry about basic necessities such as food or water.

Instead, you can look forward to an ensuite bathroom, a flushing toilet, an upscale menu, or some stargazing whenever you want.

There are several glamping sites to try that offer great access to the Grand Canyon and can contribute to a truly unique and memorable experience. Make your trip to the Grand Canyon unforgettable by picking the very best Grand Canyon glamping site.

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6 Gorgeous Grand Canyon Glamping Sites

Under Canvas Grand Canyon Glamping Resort & Lodging

Grand Canyon Glamping Sites - Under Canvas Grand Canyon Glamping
© Image Courtesy of Under Canvas Grand Canyon Glamping

Address: 979 Airpark Ln, Grand Canyon Junction, AZ 86046

Located only a 25-minute drive from the entrance to the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, you can enjoy the splendor of Under Canvas Grand Canyon. It may feel far removed from the natural splendor of the dusty canyon yet therein lies its true appeal. 

Enjoy a king-sized bed with luxury linens and an ensuite bathroom that comes fully stocked with organic bath products.

Being out in the vast Arizona landscape offers great opportunities for some stargazing and you can do it from the night sky viewing window situated above your bed. 

When you are ready to feast, choose from an upscale menu that includes seasonal and locally sourced produce. You can sit back and enjoy the view from your private deck, sitting in your own lounge chair.

When night draws in, you can even use a wood-burning stove that comes with its own complimentary firewood.

Should you decide to fully embrace the outdoors then pick one of their canvas Safari Tents. You can still enjoy a king-size bed and also a wood-burning stove for sublime warmth.

These tents also come with a bathhouse and private stalls with the luxury of hot showers and flushing toilets to let you know you really are glamping. 

Click here to make your booking, and do so quickly as the resort is only open from April 14th to October 24th, 2022. 

Grand Canyon Ridge

Grand Canyon Ridge
© Image Courtesy of Grand Canyon Ridge

Address: 5306 Sublime Drive Space #79, Valle, AZ 86046

For true luxury living, you really desire some air-conditioned accommodation, especially in those scorching summer months. You can find it at Grand Canyon Ridge which is a small chalet located around 23 kilometers from Tusayan.

This is ideal for large families and comes with three bedrooms and one bathroom.

Enjoy the perks of chalet living with comfortable bed linen and towels that come included for your private use. Though hiking can be enjoyed directly from the chalet with some nearby trails, you can kick back and enjoy a flat-screen TV as well as a kitchen with all the equipment you need for self-catering. 

When the sun goes down, a patio really comes into play to gaze at star-filled skies and those glorious mountain views.

Be sure to book your next Grand Canyon glamping excursion here!

Wander Camp Grand Canyon

Wander Camp Grand Canyon
© Image Courtesy of Wander Camp Grand Canyon

Address: 5859 North Pleasant Drive, Williams, AZ 86046

For a more rustic glamping experience, take a look at Wander Camp Grand Canyon. Their range of king-sized tents can be found in Dark Sky Country, only 15 miles from the South Entrance to the Grand Canyon.

That location is also 15 miles from Williams which has plenty of food options if you need to stock up or enjoy some local hospitality.

Each glamping tent is made from a waterproof canvas so is fully prepared for whatever the weather throws at it. With 200 square feet of space, you can find a king-size bed, linens, and even plush-down comforters. For added comfort, there are also fleece blankets and pillows available.

For that extra touch, expect some side tables and butterfly chairs for comfy sitting with a soft rug. Nighttime can also be enjoyed with a single solar light though you may want to venture outside to enjoy the stars with some extra lanterns and flashlights.

When it is time to get washed after a long hike, communal bathrooms are available and one will be close to your tent. Do bear in mind that they are shared amongst all the guests though there should be ample availability.

You can even bring your dog along with you if you are confident they would enjoy the glamping surroundings and the hiking trails.

Click here to book your rustic glamping near the Grand Canyon stay at Wander Camp Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon RV Glamping

Grand Canyon RV Glamping
© Image Courtesy of Grand Canyon RV Glamping

Address: North Grand Canyon Blvd, Williams, AZ 86046

Situated an hour away from the Grand Canyon itself is an RV Glamping site. This is the ideal location for some truly incredible scenic views in a variety of glamping options.

The site also has relatively easy access to Grand Canyon Railroad, Grand Canyon Brewery, Elephant Rocks Golf Course, and Bearizona. 

For a site that can cater to large or relatively small groups, there is some awesome versatility with some great hiking trails nearby.

Those trails are not too far off Grand Canyon Railroad Station or downtown Williams which is well worth exploring too. As well as being a great location, the site is also dog-friendly.

From their Luxury Suite which is fit for eight guests with two bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms. If you are planning a trip with friends or family then a two-bedroom Destination Trailer is ideal.

The Resort Loft can house six guests, each with its own bed amongst two bedrooms. Finally, their Cozy Camper is still roomy yet is suitable for five guests as it comes with three beds across two bedrooms. 

Book your overnight stay at Grand Canyon RV Glamping here.

Arizona Luxury Expeditions

Glamping in the Grand Canyon © Image Courtesy of Arizona Luxury Expeditions
© Image Courtesy of Arizona Luxury Expeditions

Address: Arizona Luxury Expeditions, Goodyear, AZ 85338

For a unique glamping experience that comes with its own superbly memorable tour, look no further than Arizona Luxury Expeditions.

The glamping outfitter also offers a Day and Night Grand Canyon Glamping Tour for two days and one night of exploring. Upon arrival, you have all afternoon and the entire evening to go on a hike with one of their professional guides. 

Once you are ready for some rest, a campfire will be waiting for you as will the rest of your Luxury Expedition Tent. Inside is some luxurious seating, a dresser, a charging station, and side tables.

Enjoy dinner as it is served in your own private tent, choose from pan-fried trout, barbecued chicken, or even filet Mignon. Then return to the fire for Dutch oven apple crisp and s’mores as you gaze into the star-filled sky.

For slumber, you have elevated mattresses that come with warm flannel sheets, wool Pendleton blankets, and thick comforters for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Another hike awaits you in the morning after a hot, freshly-prepared breakfast. Forget the crowds and enjoy some of the lesser-known areas of the Canyon for your own unique experience.

Whether that is deep in the canyon itself, along the rim, or some of the buildings in the National Park. You can even throw in a mule or bike ride across the rim, even a helicopter tour which we would highly recommend.

Clear Sky Resorts

Clear Sky Resorts Grand Canyon
© Image Courtesy of Clear Sky Resorts Grand Canyon

Address: 629 Highgrove Rd, Grand Canyon Junction, AZ 86046

For couples who want to glamp beneath the stars, consider a Sky Dome at the Grand Canyon. These are designed for two people with one queen bed and their own private bathroom equipped with a rain shower. Enjoy 425 square feet and a ceiling that measures 14 feet. 

The main feature is, of course, the large panoramic window. You can even enjoy your own backdrop for a romantic getaway. Whatever the season, the room is climate-controlled with privacy curtains, a telescope for stargazing, and luxury linens. There are also plush towels, unique furniture, and a clean-burning fireplace.

When it is time to relax after a long day’s hiking, enjoy access to the Welcome Dome lounge. They even have happy hour with a complimentary drink. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When Is The Best Time Of Year To Go Glamping In The Grand Canyon?

A lot of glamping resorts are only open for the best time of the year to go glamping which tends to cover spring, summer, and fall.

Winter can be uncomfortably cold though the national park is perhaps not as dependent on the weather as you may imagine for glamping. There may be snow on the rim of the canyon and even winter conditions such as icy roads and trails, so be aware. 

The season generally opens in April though you may want to avoid going during the summer due to the crowds and brutally hot weather. As summer turns into fall, the later months of the season can be ideal.

This includes September and October when the crowds are more manageable and the temperature sits in the low 70s. If you are looking to visit the Grand Canyon and want the best conditions, the ideal time is off-season.

Can I Expect To Find Wi-Fi At A Glamping Location?

Though these are luxury sites, one of the main reasons for visiting the Grand Canyon is to get away from it all. You can expect private bathrooms and plush bedding yet due to the location of the canyon itself, you should not expect to find a Wi-Fi signal.

Final Thoughts – Glamping in Grand Canyon

Once you have decided to go glamping at the Grand Canyon, there are a wealth of options to check out. From RVs to huge tents, Sky Domes, and even chalets. Your decision can largely be based on how luxurious you want your glamping experience to be.

If you can face the elements then go for a tent, if you want something closer to home then choose a chalet where you can cater for yourself.

Should you want something in between then there is always an RV. You can also opt for a guided tour to see some unforgettable sights in the canyon itself.

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